Kimbirdlee Fadner  


"The Yin & Yang Dragon"
The Yin & Yang Dragon is able to keep his balance & harmony while flying through the chaos of the universe. The yin & yang symbol in his 3rd eye is his strength even when encountering the most difficult challenges. Just as he is flying through the unknown, it also seems as though his body is emerging from the swirling elements.

"The Swirly Water Dragon"
The Swirly Water Dragon is the most fun of all the dragons. He is a swirl of activity, flying
through the ocean waves. Water is the source of life and abundance. The Swirly Water Dragon teaches us to follow our dreams, never hold back and enjoy the ride!

"The Phoenix"
The Phoenix is the feminine compliment to the Dragon. When the Phoenix & Dragon are together, they create perfect harmony, Yin & Yang. She is made up of the best parts of different animals to make her powerful and beautiful. She has the face of a rooster and a swallow, the body of a snake, the breast of a goose, the back of a tortoise, the legs of a
deer, and the tail of a fish and peacock.

"The Good Luck Dragon"
This is one of the most fascinating of all the dragons. Green is always the color of the good luck dragon in Chinese culture. This Good Luck Dragon is mixed with the wood dragon and has the image of a tree in it's 3rd eye. This dragon is flying through both the earthly and mystic realms. There are hidden images and meanings to be found inside!

"The Fire Dragon"
This Fire Dragon is coming out of the flames and is also one with the flames. He also has the red and gold colors of
good fortune and happiness. The Fire Dragon represents rebirth because it burns away old things so new things can
rise up. Fire Dragons are very good feng shui!

The Swirly Series

"The Imperial Dragon"
The Imperial Dragon is the ruler of all the dragons. What distinguishes the Imperial Dragon from all other dragons is the 5 toes on his claws. This dragon is regal, powerful, and magical. This dragon is also a symbol of good fortune and happiness because of his red and
gold coloring. He is found perfectly balanced in the center of his kingdom.

"The Phoenix and Lotus"
The Phoenix and Lotus are both beautiful symbols of peace and humility, as well as beauty and strength. The Lotus can blossom through muddy and rocky waters, teaching us that we should pursue our life dreams and reach for our potential, regardless of our circumstances. The vines mean growth and abundance, and the water flowing below is the source of energy and life.

The swirly pattern that fills the background of these dragons symbolizes the universe with all of the elements combining to form a beautiful and natural pattern. Each one is imbued with unique and powerful symbolism and imagery, and together they form a fascinating series.  Thank you for viewing!