Kimbirdlee Fadner  


Fire Dragon (火)
“The Spirit of Fire Creates Rebirth”
The Fire Dragon destroys old things so new things can arise out of the flames. The Fire Dragon is the most powerful Element Dragon. But the aggressive and dangerous energy of fire is transformed into positivity and makes it possible for greatness to emerge. The Fire Dragon is perfect for good Feng Shui and when placed in a prominent space in your
home, it welcomes in happiness and good fortune. Red is the most
important color for celebrating all types of special occasions in China.

Water Dragon (水)
“The Spirit of Water Creates Purity”
The joyful Water Dragon plays in the waves of the Ocean and replenishes and cleanses with its universal life source. Water is the source of life.

It is needed for crops to grow, rain to fall, people to drink, and rivers to flow. Change is constant, just like the ocean tide and the patterns of the weather, and just like life itself. The Water Dragon creates purity
through it’s natural ability to permeate all life and give energy and joy.​

Metal Dragon (金)
"The Spirit of Metal creates Strength"
The Metal Dragon possesses Strength and Clarity.  Since dragons appear in times of turbulence, swirling through the clouds of a storm, to bring peace and good luck, it is so appropriate that the metal dragon represented the "New Millenium". The Metal Dragon fights like a true warrior of light and a bearer of much richness. The diamond in his 3rd Eye gives him powers of intuition and knowledge.

Wood Dragon (木)
"The Spirit of Wood creates Growth"
Like a wise old oak tree, the Wood Dragon's roots are planted deep in the ground and its branches are always growing and reaching out into the world. This dragon is very happy and good-natured. He is able to get through any obstacles, as pictured here by pushing through a rock and a tree trunk. He is at home in nature and is one with his wood element. Green dragons also bring good luck!

Earth Dragon (土)
"The Spirit of Earth creates Evolution"
The Earth Dragon's body is wrapped around the world, bringing the earth forward in space and time. He protects the earth through challenges and dangerous times. He encourages positive change and fearlessness when facing the unknown. He is one with the Earth. The globe is present in his 3rd eye, giving him great insight.

The 5 Elements Dragon Series