Kimbirdlee Fadner  

The Dragon of the East ( 龍 )

The dragon is the most powerful creature in Chinese symbolism. It is a meaningful symbol in all realms of Chinese culture, including art, medicine, philosophy, science and spirituality. In this traditional system of belief, all of these realms are interwoven and connected to create a whole. The dragon itself is actually a culmination of the best traits of many animals, which makes it the most powerful of all the Chinese Zodiac. In the dragon's image are the antlers of a deer, claws of a tiger, body of a serpent, mane of a lion, scales of a lizard, and tail of a fish. Eastern dragons embody wonderful qualities of good luck, protection, and good fortune. The dragons of Kimbirdlee Fadner each bring to life unique depictions of eastern influenced symbolism. The originals are all painted in watercolor on handmade rice paper with gold and silver specks. Ordering Kimbirdlee stunning paintings is easy!

The Artist


Kimbirdlee grew up among the art scene in the midwest and went to art shows her whole life.  She's a Hapa - half Chinese/half German. Her mom, Charlotte Fung Miller is a Chinese Brush Painter who lives in Wisconsin. Kimbirdlee never attended formal training in art, but rather absorbed it through being around it all the time. What drew her to start her own career as a Chinese Brush Painter is the positive message and wonderful symbolism that comes from the ancient culture.   Kimbirdlee is especially drawn to the dragon, as well as the Chinese Zodiac, the concept of Yin and Yang and the 5 Elements. These are symbols which conjure up great imagery for the artist, and which also apply to areas like spirituality, health and harmony.