Kimbirdlee Fadner  


Delamuse "Let it Rain"

Fresh, heartfelt music - romance that dances effortlessly - lyrics imbued with universal emotion both current and nostalgic - vocal brilliance and cool ingenuity - latin jazz & dance, american standards, international folk music, classical melodie ... Sung by Kimbirdlee, Songs written by Matt Miller

Kimbirdlee "Playmakers Song" (feat. Jackrabbit & Charliehorse)

Kimbirdlee is a performing and visual artist who founded a new toddler drama class in NYC. This is the theme song, adapted for the PLAYMAKERS class. It is a fun sing-a-long for kids to learn, dance and perform!

Palmyra-Eagle Community Band "The 40s: A Sentimental Journey"

To honor the 70th anniversary of World War II the Palmyra-Eagle Community Band embarked on a program to revive the concert band music of the 1940's with this CD - "The 40's: A Sentimental Journey."

La Boheme"Foolish Heart"

"Foolish Heart" is La Boheme's debut album filled with heartfelt relevant jazzy pop originals by this loveable sibling duo. Sensational and beautifully expressive vocalist Kimbirdlee joins multi-talented musician, lyricist/composer Matt Miller ~Cool Wave~