Kimbirdlee Fadner is THE MONKEY KING

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Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MSTDA) Artistic Director
Company Member of National Asian Artists Project & Magis Theatre Company



starring Kimbirdlee as THE MONKEY KING recently played at the Claire Schulman Theater in Queens, NY. Public Performances and School Field Trip Shows took place from Feb 9-13th, 2023. 

An amazing musical for the whole family, THE MONKEY KING is based on the legendary mythical figure from the beloved 16th-century Chinese novel "Journey to the West," by Wu Cheng'en. Heartfelt music and an inspiring storyline tell the adventures of the first-ever female Monkey King as she battles against Heaven and Earth's most treacherous foes to save her tribe and achieve immortality. With a cast of memorable characters, a mix of classical and rock music, and kung-fu style choreography - this is action adventure come to life!

An original production created by  theatre artists from Queens addresses lack of roles for Asian-American female leads and features 100% Asian Cast.

The Monkey King: A Kung-Fu Musical will star Sarah Lam Chiu as Guan Yin, Kimbirdlee Fadner as The Monkey King, Ellis Gage as Jade Emperor, Brian Jose as Demon of Havoc, Charles Pang as Immortal Teacher, Gage Thomas as Dragon King, Bella Villanueva as Jogo and Annie Yamamoto as Ganjuwai.

Direction by Steven Eng, Written by Jonathan Fadner and Kimbirdlee Fadner, Composed by Jonathan Fadner, Musical Direction by Jonathan Fadner, Choreography by Max Erhlich, I Chen Wang (Projection Designer), Erin Black (Costume Design), Madeline Goddard (Set Design), Kelly Ruth Cole (Stage Manager), Charlotte Fung Miller (Artist), Jerry Fadner (Graphic Designer).

Kimbirdlee Fadner